Star Guardian Soraka Cosplay by Korean cosplayer Aleah

A gentle soul with a mysterious origin among the stars, Soraka protects the team on their perilous missions from behind the frontlines. Despite her fragile appearance, the second-year carries immense healing power, unparalleled by any other Guardian the team has encountered.

Her unprecedented command of the Starlight and willingness to put everyone else’s needs ahead of hers has earned the team’s trust and respect—the ever-humble warrior, Soraka only shyly accepts her responsibility. Like Lulu, she has a special connection to the stars, though she and her team do not fully understand it yet.

League of Legends Star Guardian Soraka Splash Art.
Star Guardian Soraka Splash Art.

Today, I will present you an excellent work of Star Guardian Soraka cosplay, by South Korean cosplayer Aleah. Enjoy!