Androxus is a precise flanker who is most effective when weaving through his abilities and consistently hitting basic attack.

Paladins Strike Androxus


Name Description
Revolver CD: 0.5s. Fire three projectiles in a narrow cone, with each projectiles dealing 450 damage.
Reversal CD: 14s. Absorbs all incoming damage from the font for 1.5 seconds, the channel the damage into a strong projectile attack, dealing damage which equal to 75% of the absorbed damage.
Nether Step CD: 0.1s. Dash forward quickly in any direction. Holds three charges. Recharges every 10s.
Accursed Arm CD: Energy Gained. Begin floating and unleash the power of Accursed Arm. Immediately restore all energy for Androxus’s Revolver. His next 4 attacks are replaced with a single projectile that explodes for 850 area damage. Ends early if not used within 9 seconds.


Level up to active a talent. You can level up 5 times, and each time you level up you can select from a set of two different talents.

Basic attacks reduce healing by 50% 2 Basic attacks deal 20% more damage to shields
Recovery increases by 25% 3 Movement speed increases by 25%
Critical Chance increases by 30% 4 Ultimate charges 100% faster
Max health increased by 25% 5 Kills heal you for 25% of your max health
Basic attacks deal 30% more damage 6 Critical damage increased to 200%


Maroon (Unlocked in Awards)
Paladins Strike Maroon (Unlocked in Awards)

Fallen Lord (Unlocked by Crystals)
Paladins Strike Fallen Lord (Unlocked by Crystals)

Wraith (Halloween Limited)
Paladins Strike Wraith (Halloween Limited)