Ash is a frontline champion who asserts her dominance over the battlefield through her indestructible armor, exploding ammunition, and powerful knockback capabilities.

Ash Paladins Strike


Name Description
Burst Cannon CD: 0.6s. Fire a shrapnel round that explodes in an AOE dealing 800 damage.
Shoulder Bash CD: 10s. Lower your shoulder and hurtle forward. Knock the first enemy you hit into the air and deal 400 damage. Charge longer to knock up more obviously and deal up to 800 bonus damage.
Siege Shield CD: 15s. Deploy a siege shield with 3000 health that advances forward. Lasts 6s.
Assert Dominance CD: Energy Gained. Leap forward and plant your Banner in the ground, knocking enemies into the air briefly and creating a damage immune zone for yourself that lasts 6s. You must remain in the zone to receive the immunity.


Level up to active a talent. You can level up 5 times, and each time you level up you can select from a set of two different talents.

Basic attacks reduce healing by 50%. 2 CC duration reduced by 50%.
Movement speed increases by 20%. 3 Reduce cooldown of Siege Shield by 3s.
Increase health of Siege Shield by 1000. 4 Reduce cooldown of Shoulder Bash by 2s.
Gain 20% area damage reduction. 5 Max heath increased by 35%.
Stun enemies knocked back into walls by Ash for 1s longer. 6 Recover 600 health when hitting enemies with Shoulder Bash.


Ocean (Unlocked in Awards)

Ash Ocean (Unlocked in Awards) Paladins Strike

Firecracker (Available in the Spring Festival)

Ash Firecracker (Available in the Spring Festival) Paladins Strike

Commander (Unlocked by Crystals)

Ash Commander (Unlocked by Crystals) Paladins Strike