Buck is a flanker who leaps in to bully the enemy team through the use of his wide-spread shotgun and constricting Net Shots. When in danger, Buck can active Recovery to stay in the fight and finish off his target.

Buck in Paladins Strike


Name Description
Shotgun CD: 0.5s. A massive cannon that fires 7 small pieces of sharpnel that deal 200 damage each and deal up to 1600 damage in total. Closer enemies take more damage.
Recovery CD: 15s. Heal 1500 HP over 5s.
Heroic Leap CD: 10s. Buck leaps an incredible height and distance. Landing on a target deals 50 damage and decreases the movement speed of all affected enemies by 30% for 1.5s. Recharges every 10s.
Buck Wild CD: Energy Gainned. Go Buck Wild, instantly reseting all your cooldowns, refilling your ammo 100% faster, and causing your weapon to deal 25% more damage for 10s.


Level up to active a talent. You can level up 5 times, and each time you level up you can select from a set of two different talents.

Basic attack deal 20% more damage to shields 2 Movement speed increases by 20%
Gain 25% lifesteal 3 Recovery increases by 30%
Critical Chance increases by 25% 4 Ultimate charges 100% faster
CC duration reduced by 50% 5 Max health increased by 20%
Basic attack deal 25% more damage 6 Critical Chance increased to 200%


Buck Jungle skin in Paladins Strike

Buck Hunter skin in Paladins Strike

Buck Abomination skin in Paladins Strike

Buck Lionheart skin in Paladins Strike

Hazard Tech
Buck Hazard Tech skin in Paladins Strike