Clash Royale July 2nd Balance Update is now live

Supercell has released that July 2nd Balance Update for their mobile game Clash Royale. This update includes Rascals, Mortar, Witch changes and more.

Rascals: Rascal Boy: Hitpoints -5.3%. Rascal Girl: First attack slower.

Mortar: Area Damage -3.5%, Hitpoints -4%.

Witch: Hitpoints +17%, Spawn Speed increased 7sec -> 5sec, Hit Speed slower 0.7sec -> 1sec.

Fire Spirits: Area Damage +5%.

Bomber: Range increased 4.5 -> 5.

Mega Minion: Hit Speed slower 1.5sec -> 1.6sec.

Goblins: Hitpoints -1%.

Giant Snowball/Royal Hogs: Added to Clan Wars Collection Day card pool.

Source: Clash Royale official site.